Welcome to Royal Kustoms

Royal Kustoms and the Flathead Emporium have been created as a result of Jim Turnbull’s lifelong love of Ford V8 Flathead engines and early Fords.

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive early Ford vehicle and Flathead engine service; from hopping up your current motor to building top spec full blown race engines as well as building, repairing and maintaining early Fords.

We have built many race, rally cars and hot rods based on early Ford cars which have competed in the Peking to Paris Rally, The Road to Mandalay Rally, Pendine Sands speed events and Prescott Hill climbs to name but a few, as well as participating in static car shows around the world. Other aspects of our work are building engines for Military Vehicles, classic Fords and Allards.

We also have good working relationships with motorsport engineers who are closely involved in some of our projects bringing a bit of modern motorsport technology when required.

We are always trying to push the boundaries in developing new ideas to keep early Fords up to date without losing the look: things like electric power-steering, front shock hoops and braces, extreme suspension packages for early Ford rally cars as well as 5 speed conversions, chassis modifications and brake upgrades etc.

Any job can be undertaken, from engine rebuilds, complete car builds, race/rally preparation, chassis modifications, metal fabrication, roll-cages, louvers, electrics, axle conversions, gearbox conversions – the list goes on.

All the parts we use are top quality & sourced from reputable dealers in the USA that we have an excellent & long standing business relationship with.

All of our suppliers are also early Ford devotees themselves, which means that combined with Jim’s 25 years of obsession, staff with 30+ years experience and our close working partners we are able to draw on many decades of experience & acquired knowledge.

So if it’s early Ford based or is powered by the famous Ford flathead we’re just a phone call away.

Royal Kustoms Flathead Emporium