Kelvin’s Engine No 2


Super-Charged French Ford Flathead 284 cu in

McCulloch VS57 Supercharger
Bore 3 5/16 (3.312) x Stroke 4 1/8 (4.125)
Ross Forged racing pistons with molly rings
Scat H-Beam rods
4 bolt Centre Girdle
Cam, Tatom 280 F114 280 degree duration, .395 lift
Valves 1.6 inlet and 1.6 exhaust
3 angle valve job 15, 45, 70 degree
Full port and polish
Custom built blow through 390 Holley
Custom relief
Fully balanced bottom end
Lightened flywheel
Full flow oil filter system
Eelco Twin Plug Heads
Nash Twin Fire dissy converted to electronic ignition
Twin MSD B6BTM control boxes